From juggling to balanced
Happi Multivit

For all-round vitality and glow – this multivitamin is all about you.

Bring on Fabulous
Happi Beauty

Love the body you’re in. With active ingredients to boost your natural beauty, our supplements help you get that healthy glow.

Be your personal best
Happi Keep Active

Now you’ve more time to do what you want, your vitamin supplement should keep up.

For a better balanced you
Happi Beauty

Discover a blend of vitamins and minerals that work in harmony with your body’s natural rhythm.

It's time for a positive change

It’s called the change for a reason. Time to change direction and focus on what you want from life.  Empower your body and mind with Happi – scientifically formulated to balance your body, boost vitality and help you keep your natural glow.

Happi supports you every day, all day... because life shouldn’t pause for the menopause.

Happi: Menopause Support

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Energy Support
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Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails
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Menopause Support
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Vitamin and Mineral Support
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30 Day Menopause Support Programme

Reconnect with your body

Developed exclusively in the UK with the support of Jackie McCusker, Registered Nutritional Therapist MBANT, CNCH & Happi Ambassador specialising in Female Hormones, the Happi range has been created for women by women to give you the support you need to stay strong through the menopause.

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